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Joshua Tree Trip

Joshua Tree Trip

As always our weekend trip to Joshua Tree was epic. It’s always great to meet new friends and connect with old friends. We left Riverside, Ca. around 6 pm. on Friday with a caravan of 4 rigs and headed to our entry spot in Joshua Tree, we met up with the Mountain Hatch guys somewhere along the 10 Freeway, as always our chats on our radios was full of laughter and music. We finally reached our designated entry spot into Joshua Tree (BLM Land) around 9 pm. and aired down for our drive to our final destination. We arrived at our destination within 45 minutes, it was very windy upon arrival and we set up camp a little fire and enjoyed some drinks, we all went to sleep around midnight and all of our tents were flapping with the wind all night long, but temps were good.

The next day we woke up to a gorgeous sunrise and less wind, we cooked up some pancakes for breakfast and around 930 am. we decided to go exploring and potentially find a new camp site and find a spot where we would be blocked from the wind. We decided to take a trail that looked that it hadn’t been driven through in years. We went to the top with a few minor hiccups but nothing we couldn’t handle, we then drove down into an old mine and that is where we ran into trouble because there was no room to back up and turn around, it took us about 2 hours to finally to be able to turn around and head out, won’t do that again, lol. After that we went and found a nice spot which blocked us from the wind, but at this time the winds were not that strong anymore. We cooked some awesome food for lunch and hang out for awhile and had some great laughs. We decided last minute to hit a new trail and off we went and it was beautiful to be able to watch the sunset as we drove back around 7 pm.. After arriving at our new camp site we started setting up camp and cooking dinner, the Mountain Hatch gentlemen blessed us with some awesome mac and cheese with Elk sausage balls. I have to say it was awesome, I personally had seconds. After dinner we sat around the camp fire and told ghost stories and had some drinks, it was a very memorable night.

On Sunday we started waking up around 630 am and watched the sunrise, we cooked some eggs, bacon, and steak it was a feast. After having our breakfast we all started to breakdown camp and cleaning up the camp ground, around 10 am, we were ready to head out on our next adventure, unfortunately we had a few vehicles that had to leave us early, so we had to separate at the main road, most of us headed to another trail, which leaded us out of Joshua Tree, this trail was a bit scary at times, but as long as you take your time and be careful everything will be fine. We excited the park around 1 pm. and we all aired up at the first gas station we arrived to.

This was a great adventure and we will have memories of this trip for the rest of our lives. We hope to have you join us on our next trip.

Photo Credit: Eric Pease and Jessica Shalbi

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